Who cares really…

Second post, third post, forth and fifth… I’ve spoken them all. Lets just roll this wagon.

If you wonder, the website holds now the title “Shlomi Bitton & Good Company” – this because thats what we are, and thats what we want to attract to our experiance. Simple as that! (for now, expect a change in time ;-))

Present update: Workshop, Madrid, Spain, March 31st – new class in process. Nice!

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  1. Success!
    Thank you all of you dear brave “creators” who came to test and taste with me/us at the last workshops/intensive class, held last Saturday (31st March).

    It was beautiful for me to see you all searching and trying and connecting and creating and training and wanting more. Nuria and I think and feel that this is a nice offer, creating a space where people are active in those ways. It is a positive playground, we feel it’s needed and we too, want more 🙂

    So, since there is so much more that I/we can offer, I would like to continue with those classes, perfecting them, and seeing slowly a working group growing. We invite you all to join us again, and again, and again… and you can tell your friends, partners and colleagues too.

    We are now announcing the next classes starting from the 21st of April to be followed each saturday! 3 hours class each Saturday!
    Feel free to write it down in your diaries!
    It will be the same pattern, but tighter: first part – creative investigation process, where you work and train your own body, by my instructions, with a changing or repetitive series of exercises. Second part – you dance!* Following my own personal dance style… mixing it too, with some qualities achieved in part one, and allowing a small room for improvisation too.
    *As you noticed, a professional dance experience is not needed, we strongly believe that a challenge is a challenge, it’s your own personal process anyway, and it’s important to just give it your best try. I promise I will accompany you in every step of the way, and a progress will be possible to each one of you.

    The price will stay the same, 20 euros per meeting, 15 euros if you sign up in a group of 4 people, and, if you sign up in advance for 4 consecutive classes the price will be 60 euros.
    *the location may be changed, we will keep you updated soon.

    If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us in this email, or contact Núria by phone: 661001990.

    That’s all for now, waiting to hear your feedbacks, and, hoping to see you of-course! – “We will provide the positive space, you just have to allow it in!”

    Cheers and thank you for your attention,

    Shlomi Bitton and Núria López Blanca (coordinadora).

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