New (small) Creation, New (big) Project Initiation, New (life) Celebration!

End of June 2012 was a great Tel Aviv moment. 8 performances in three days, by the talented young performers of the educational course for dance (Maslool Bikurei Ha’Itim), Bikurei Ha’Itim Center, Tel Aviv.

The new tested creation was produced in approximately 26 hours, spread within 3 weeks. 6 minutes of the latest Bitton style which includes original wild talking, while rough original dancing with original kicking music. Yeah!

These guys did a good job!!! and this piece did much more! … this was certainly a success  (sais the cheering audience) and first step of what is starting to be called the new project by Shlomi Bitton: GOOD COMPANY – Presenting: Greatest Potential Hits!

Stay tuned for more details coming up soon! we will be sharing lots of new stuff from the process!

Dance, choreography, music - By Shlomi Bitton.


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