Hello world (press) !

Ok, first post. It’s Tuesday night, the end of a not so hot August, Madrid capital. I am at home, alone, in my underwear… computer in my hand, and names in my head. For what? names for what? well names, possible names, you know… for the site, possible names for the company, possible names for my creation title, for my spirit. What’s a good name for my spirit? What is a proper name that represents what I do and who I really am?


For now my choice is hanging on “Shlomi Bitton & Joy is Key Company“.

You like?

I can start spreading other possibilities here but I wouldn’t like to ruin the nice white of a first log on a first blog (ever!).

Sooooo….. I’m gonna leave it open for a while, you are most wellcome to visit the “Official Web Site” to get to know us a bit more and maybe help us choose some titels. Eventually I will spill my guts here I promise, me, and my friends, as proper to nasty blogging, but meanwhile, you are invited to leave interesting or creative responses in the comment section bellow. Why not!?

Thanks for stopping by, I am Shlomi… lets dance!




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