December News (Shlomi Bitton’s Activities – 2012)

Dear international followers. Cheers!

I haven’t been spreading much news in English (or Spanish) lately, and December 2012 is a perfect time to summarize some.

The Summer of 2012 started with a visit to my home land in Israel after 4 or more years in Spain. Pretty fast things got me staying. Tel Aviv, the sea, the food, the language, the friends, the family, new smiling loving people… why not!! Then the professional things came, lots of workshops took place in different educational programs (including a fast visit to Valencia to ENS Mou 2012 – Summer Dance Workshop>>). Durring those days, a new spontaneous collaboration was born with the choreographer Roy Assaf. “The Hill”- choreography: Roy Assaf, performing artists: Roy Assaf, Igal Furman and myself – was born after a fun journey where we tested the mixing of our different languages. We did very very well! and premiered successfully at Curtain Up Festival (Tel Aviv and Jerusalem) durring November (3 performances).

Here is an excerpt from “The Hill”:

Another collaboration, part of that same festival, in the same evening with Roy Assaf (Triple Bill) was made with the choreographer and dancer Sharon Vazanna where I took part as a sound editor and composed one of the pieces’s tracks. Currently Sharon, with her piece, “The Feast”, are touring in Sweden>>.

Next came the “International Exposure” (For dance) – another festival held in Suzanne Dellal Center Tel Aviv (December). The fourth day of the exposure – December 8th – was a day full with summarizing activities for all of us ‘Good Company’ members ;), starting with a performance of “The Hill” (which is also including my music editing and original track).

Oryan Yohanan, a GOOD COMPANY member, was also performing at the same program with us, in a piece by Gili Navot (‘May Contain Nuts’). Cheers for that (it’s a good one)!

Photo by: Gadi Dagon

Photo by: Gadi Dagon

Later on that day, I happily exposed two of my own latest creation processes which started this last summer as well, here in Israel. One is with the (previously reminded) dancer and artist Oryan Yohanan, who performed together with me the piece titled “FALL”. The second process was the one with ‘Maslool’ Bikurey Ha’Itim Arts Center, the educational program managed by Offir Dagan and Naomi Perlov. The piece is titled “THREE POTENTIAL HITS OF ONE GOOD COMPANY” – and has in it three of my new songs (“Pink Elphant”, “If you are a rich man” and “Look, here is a body moving” :-)) which are the leading story of the choreography.

Take a look at the invitation we did, it has in it the full details of both pieces and collaborations: Shlomi Bitton’s Dance-Theater and Music – Invitation for International Exposure 2012 – At Suzanne Dellal Center Tel Aviv>>

Shlomi Bitton's Dance-Theater and Music - Invitation for International Exposure 2012 Israel

“FALL” was premiered successfully on Wednesday the 19th of December 2012, at “Shalem Dance Festival“, Jerusalem, Jerar Bachar Center at the Gala evening alongside the last piece by the late Nigel Charnock – “Haunted by the future” – performed by Talia Paz and Michael Winter. Details about this gala evening you can find Here>> – in Hebrew and English.



Here is a nice inspiring article about the ‘Shalem Dance Festival’ (Hebrew):

Machol Shalem Festival - Article in Achbar









And here is the full program of the festival (Hebrew and English): Machol Shalem 2012 – Complete Program>>.

What else?! 🙂 ah yes – between those two events above I managed to celebrate the most special birthday of the year 🙂 – December 12, 2012!

Yeahp! and I’ve been blessing you all too!

The next event took place at Bikurey Ha’Itim Arts Center last weekend (21-24 December) – ‘The end of the first trimester’ of the ‘Maslool’ Bikurey Ha’Itim – where the beautiful talented young dancers were performing again 15 minutes of my creation with them so far, called – “THREE POTENTIAL HITS OF ONE GOOD COMPANY”. If you were there you probably got exposed to my latest fruits as a writer-director-choreographer-musician … all at the same time and place.

I seriously cannot be thankful enough for the love and appreciation I got from the audience, really, these are indeed- Hits!

Shlomi Bitton for the 'Maslool' Bikuery Ha'Itim








On Friday, December 28th at 14:00 – Suzanne Dellal Center – we’ll have the last performance for 2012, celebrating together with Roy Assaf his first full evening, combining his pieces “The Hill” together with “Six years later”. Come!

Here are some articles about “The Hill” (Hebrew):,412,209,70902,.aspx

Shlomi Bitton collaborating with  Roy Assaf 2012






On December 29th I will be holding a master class-workshop to conclude a series of classes directed by the Choreographer Idan Chohen. It’s a special approach giving the students an opportunity to present (on the last meeting) the materials they have been practicing with Idan, and be directed by me, freely!


Danstream - Idan Chohen and Shlomi Bitton









In 2013 I will be continue writing, composing, singing, dancing, choreographing, directing… performing and teaching. Here are some of the plans:

– Short creations for educational programs: for The Ensamble of The Academy of Dance and Music in Jerusalem. For The Dance workshop in Kibutz Gaaton. For Kfar Saba City – Hertzog High School. For Kadima-Tzuran Public Center. For Bikurey Ha’Itim Arts Center – The Excellence Program… and more.

– Master classes and workshops: 2013 calls – opening now for invitations!

*First Master classes of the year will take place at Yasmeen Godder’s Studio, starting from January  check it out:>>

– New creations are expected with: Machol Hadash Festival in Jerusalem. Acco theater Center’s Dance Platform (The Hamama) and more.

– Developing the master plan: Greatest Potential Hits of ‘Good Company’! – a full evening with music, songs, theatrical scenes, stories, dance and choreography, video and set… all, all that I can think of… all by me, all by us ‘Good Company’ members… and all truly dedicated to bring a rich, vibrant and a good feeling experience to the audience – hence the title “Good Company”.

It was also decided that all parts of this show, will be – hits!.

Stay tuned!

On a small note: Here are calls for collaborators! We are looking for supports for the continuation of these creation processes in forms of residencies, co-production with cultural centers and participations at international dance-theater festivals.

I Thank you all for reading, and I wish you much love and happiness!

Cheers, Shlomi.



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